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The Illinois Restaurant Association’s endorsement of an $11 minimum wage was only an attempt to minimize the damage to their industry.

With independent, principled policymakers, Illinois can implement reform-focused legislation that will limit government and the power of special interests.

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    The illinois opportunity project seeks to promote the social good and common welfare by educating the public about public policy that is driven by the principles of liberty and free enterprise and to advocate for the advancement of such policy.


    Thank You

    Over the course of a challenging, yet ultimately rewarding year, we were reminded, again and again, that there are so many reasons to believe in Illinois… Your dedication and determination give us confidence that Illinois’ best days are yet to come… With your support, I am convinced that the most exciting and rewarding phase of our journey is ahead.

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    2014 Veto Session Wrap-Up

    The common theme of the in 2014 Veto Session seemed to be Governor Quinn and liberal Chicago special interests attempting to cram through as much of their damaging agenda as possible before a pro-business governor takes office. But, there is hope. In SB 16, an education funding formula, we saw the legislative process at its best.

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    Damage Control

    Faced with multiple and inconsistent proposals to raise the minimum wage at both the state and local level, the Restaurant Association’s endorsement of an $11 minimum wage statewide is an attempt to minimize the damage to their industry and to create some measure of predictability in a state that views them as an ATM machine, as opposed to a critical stakeholder.

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