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Empty Promises, Empty Wallets: Illinois Among The Worst For Business

Chief Executive Magazine has ranked Illinois 48th on their list of best and worst states for business. It is the same abysmal ranking the state held last year. Politicians, special interests and junk economists in Springfield, by contrast, see the status quo as good enough.

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Legislators Pat Small Businesses On The Back in District; Stab Them In The Back In Springfield

Many politicians claim to support the hardworking small business owners in their communities, but the proof is in their voting records. Well over half of Illinois General Assembly members received a failing grade from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) on their most recent scorecard, meaning these lawmakers voted against business-friendly policies more often than not.

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Harvey: Canary In The Collapsing Illinois Coal Mine

The situation in Harvey is not unique and is an ominous case study for the path that the state and other communities are moving towards. Overall, nearly two-thirds of Illinois’ 651 pension funds got less than their required contribution from their cities in 2016.

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