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The illinois opportunity project seeks to promote the social good and common welfare by educating the public about public policy that is driven by the principles of liberty and free enterprise and to advocate for the advancement of such policy.

Had Enough?

Had enough of politicians forcing families to flee in search of jobs and opportunities?
Had enough of terrible public policy destroying our economy and communities?
Had enough of corrupt politicians getting rich while you get stuck with the bill?

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The Forgotten Ones

There are 21,000 children and adults in Illinois with developmental disabilities who are urgently waiting to receive services. Illinois ranks 44th in the nation for providing services for people with disabilities; an embarrassing ranking for a state that has the highest state and local tax burden in the country.

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Thanks for Nothing Rep. Walker

Join us in thanking Rep. Walker for hiking your gas tax by 19 cents. Sign here to say thanks for nothing and every time you pay more to fill up your car, think of Rep. Walker.

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Pritzker and Teacher’s Union Gift Exchange

This session was a win for teachers’ unions, but not so much for taxpayers and homeowners who will pay more, nor for students who without reforms will likely continue to see educational quality decline.

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