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Springfield Has Not Earned Your Trust

Two other representatives publicly stated they are no votes because they understand that more tax hikes will not solve the financial problems that Illinois currently has and will only continue to accelerate the state’s exodus. Members from both sides of the aisle realize that this is a bad deal for taxpayers and it does nothing to reform the policies that have brought on this financial disaster in the first place.

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Cutting Student Loan Debt With Your Money

The current budget for higher education spends 50% on pension payments. That’s not a system that puts students first. It isn’t a system set up to put children on a path to greater economic prosperity so they can become productive citizens. It is a system designed to take money from you, and hand it to government employees.

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Anti Graduated Income Tax Rally with Reps. Skillicorn and Ugaste

“Governor Pritzker and the Chicago Democrats are at it again: A rain tax hike, property tax hike, gas tax hike, new plastic bag tax, and now a graduated income tax hike. Their only plan is to make you pay more,” said Rep. Skillicorn.

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Springfield Spring Break

Unfortunately, we expect legislators to return next week reenergized to continue passing bad legislation. The battle for your home, your child’s education, and your pocketbook is still far from over this session.

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Providing For The Most Needy

With over a quarter of Illinois residents on Medicaid, the truly needy are pushed to the side because the state just doesn’t have the funds to cover all these enrollees. As a result, there are long waiting lines to receive care, and many hospitals can’t afford to see patients because unpaid bills from the state pile up.

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Pump The Brakes On The Gas Tax

Why is it Chicago Democrats’ first instinct to tax us more rather than eliminating wasteful spending and using existing funds more responsibly? Is it that they don’t respect us? Is it that they don’t care?

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