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Statement: Governor Announces IL Policy Executive As New Chief Of Staff

The Illinois Opportunity Project is greatly encouraged by Governor Rauner’s choice of Kristina Rasmussen as his Chief of Staff. With her at the helm, we are confident the Governor is returning to the revolutionist instinct that won him the governorship in 2014 and brought hope to the people of Illinois.

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IOP Statement on House Override Vote

We remain staunchly opposed to any measures that require more from Illinois families, yet ask nothing more of state government or state legislators. And we are more committed than ever to empowering citizens to hold state legislators accountable for their actions.

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Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

Democrat state legislators will return to their districts and talk about fighting for a responsible budget without acknowledging the pain their policies have brought. Be aware that this is the two-step they play on their constituents. Illinois Democrats hope the people they serve are not sophisticated enough to connect the dots between what they say in the district and what they do in Springfield. They hope another tax hike with the promise of reforms sometime in the abstract future will be good enough

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Tax Hike Bill Illustrates Who Democrats Serve

Senate Bill 9 very clearly illustrates their allegiance to protecting the machine, rather than the people they serve.

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Illinois Opportunity Project Responds to SunTimes Misinformation

Our donors are not making political contributions to a political candidate. They are supporting a cause. And since everyone has the right to support causes they believe in privately and without fear of harassment, intimidation or reprisal, the Illinois Opportunity Project is not required by law to disclose our donors.

Our donors – like anyone who uses their constitutional rights to support a cause – aren’t “Dark”, they’re free.

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IOP Statement on 2017 Budget Address

To set the state on a new track, we have to reject the idea that raising income taxes and expanding the sales tax to strike an elusive deal on a state budget are the right solution for Illinois. In fact, such legislation would move Illinois further in the wrong direction.

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