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IOP Statement on Presidential Visit to Illinois General Assembly

No matter how they try to spin it, the disaster that continues to unfold in Chicago has its roots firmly planted in the corruption and incompetence of ruling class politicians. For decades, they ran the city and the state unchecked. The Chicago Machine needs to take the heat off. So, Rahm opened up his coveted black book and called in a diversion.

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The Democrat Defamation that Iowa Exposed

Ted Cruz’s victory, along with the fact that 60% of lily white fly over Iowa Republicans voted for an Hispanic or African-American to be their president, undermines the only narrative keeping the Democratic party and its allies in business: that Republicans are racist.

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Proft and Hughes Discuss Presidential Politics on Fox Business

On January 29, Illinois Opportunity Project Co-Founders Dan Proft and Pat Hughes joined Fox Business at 560-AM Studios to discuss the last Republican Presidential Debate before primary voting begins.

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Mission Impossible?

Dan Proft discussed President Obama’s upcoming visit to Springfield on CBS Chicago

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IOP Response to 2016 State of the State

Today, Illinois is in a better place than it was a year ago. Better, but not remotely good enough. The governor’s work – and ours – to improve the way Illinois operates at every level is just beginning. Some necessary reforms will take time and require a continued political shift of power, but others are immediately at hand.

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AFSCME impasse: Will Rauner show the Political Ruling Class who’s boss?

This is a story of the funding arm of the Illinois Political Ruling Class that preaches fairness but enjoys being downright spoiled by those it has bought, paid for and sent to Springfield. AFSCME has always gotten what it has wanted — no matter the price. It likes it that way. And it’s not particularly keen on changing the cozy arrangement it’s had with both parties for generations. This is Rauner’s moment of truth.

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