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Video: Dan Proft on Illinois’ Future

On Nov. 14, 2012, Dan Proft spoke at the Chicago & Northeastern Illinois Association of Health Underwriters’ 28th Annual Health Benefits Symposium. He addressed the fiscal and legislative issues facing the state of Illinois and what we can expect to see following the recent election.

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Freedom to Learn: Opportunity Scholarship Day

On August 12 Freedom to Learn Illinois awarded Opportunity Scholarships to families in need who wanted to send their child to the school that best serves the need of the child. 15 Families were selected in a lottery to receive an Opportunity Scholarship for their incoming Kindergarten or 1st grader to attend the school of their choice.

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Are you tired of being gamed by a state government you finance?

Tax and spend, borrow and spend. This is what the Springfield political class calls reform. It isn’t; it’s a scam. Watch this new video featuring IOP consultant Dan Proft.

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Is it any wonder why Illinois has the highest deficit and lowest credit rating?

Last year, despite record incoming revenue from the largest tax increase in state history, the amount of Illinois’ unpaid bills actually went up. Watch this new video featuring IOP consultant Dan Proft.

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What would you do with an extra $1,300?

That’s how much money last year’s 67% state income tax hike cost the average Illinois family.

Watch this new video featuring IOP consultant Pat Hughes, and share it with your networks. Join the policy revolution.

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