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One year later: 2017 tax hike failed

It has been one full year since the General Assembly passed a budget that ended Illinois’ two-year impasse. The results are in: This policy was a complete failure.

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Follow The Money

Next November, voters must ask their representatives: Do you stand with Madigan and his corrupt cronies or will you stand up to the Springfield corruption and represent the families in your district? And regardless of how they answer, look at their actions and follow the money.

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Leading The Conservative Reform Movement

2020 will be a pivotal election year for Illinoisans. We must educate voters and elect and support conservative reform leaders that offer a contrast to the tax hiking, big government, Chicago Democrats that have overreached and are vowing to make Illinois one of the most progressive states in the nation.

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Pritzker’s “Fair Tax”: Another Chicago Bailout

Will you go along with Gov. Pritzker and the Chicago Democrats to take more money out of your communities and schools, or will you vote to keep your hard earned money local?

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The Forgotten Ones

There are 21,000 children and adults in Illinois with developmental disabilities who are urgently waiting to receive services. Illinois ranks 44th in the nation for providing services for people with disabilities; an embarrassing ranking for a state that has the highest state and local tax burden in the country.

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Thanks for Nothing Rep. Walker

Join us in thanking Rep. Walker for hiking your gas tax by 19 cents. Sign here to say thanks for nothing and every time you pay more to fill up your car, think of Rep. Walker.

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