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One year later: 2017 tax hike failed

It has been one full year since the General Assembly passed a budget that ended Illinois’ two-year impasse. The results are in: This policy was a complete failure.

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Exclusive Candidate Report

Using this report, voters dig below the non-partisan labels and review the voting histories of candidates running on Tuesday empowering them to make an informed decision.

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History Repeating Itself

The Governor’s budget address isn’t about budgeting. It is about political priorities, repaying election allies, and cementing voting coalitions.

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Bracing For Tax Hikes

Pritzker can no longer hide behind catchy campaign slogans and flashy TV commercials but must address these stifling problems head on. It is clear Pritzker is swallowing the tough reality of the current state of Illinois, but if he chooses the route of more taxes and government spending, then Illinois will continue down the same spiraling path that forces families and businesses out.

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Fairness For All Illinoisans

In a 2016 poll conducted by the Paul Simon Institute, 72% of Illinois voters supported an independent commission responsible for drawing fair legislative maps. With that much support from Illinoisans, why hasn’t there been any movement on the issue?

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Say NO To A Minimum Wage Hike

Instead of enacting policies that discourage business and opportunity, Gov. Pritzker should push reforms that help more people seek the American dream and find work from which they can derive meaning and dignity.

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