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IOP Co-Founder, Pat Hughes discusses Fair Share Fees on WTTW's Chicago Tonight.

Dan Proft discusses cuts to social services on WTTW's Chicago Tonight.

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    The illinois opportunity project seeks to promote the social good and common welfare by educating the public about public policy that is driven by the principles of liberty and free enterprise and to advocate for the advancement of such policy.

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    IOP Statement on Presidential Visit to Illinois General Assembly

    No matter how they try to spin it, the disaster that continues to unfold in Chicago has its roots firmly planted in the corruption and incompetence of ruling class politicians. For decades, they ran the city and the state unchecked. The Chicago Machine needs to take the heat off. So, Rahm opened up his coveted black book and called in a diversion.

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    The Democrat Defamation that Iowa Exposed

    Ted Cruz’s victory, along with the fact that 60% of lily white fly over Iowa Republicans voted for an Hispanic or African-American to be their president, undermines the only narrative keeping the Democratic party and its allies in business: that Republicans are racist.

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    IOP Invests $500,000 in State Representative Race

    IOP decided that a substantial financial commitment of $500,000 is warranted to support State Rep. Ken Dunkin against the onslaught he is facing from House Speaker Mike Madigan and his public sector union allies in the March primary election. Rep. Dunkin has consistently shown independent thinking and provided support in policy areas of critical importance.

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