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If voters pay attention to nothing else in this legislative session, they should pay attention to this vote. It tells them all they need to know.

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    The illinois opportunity project seeks to promote the social good and common welfare by educating the public about public policy that is driven by the principles of liberty and free enterprise and to advocate for the advancement of such policy.

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    IOP Statement on 2017 Budget Address

    To set the state on a new track, we have to reject the idea that raising income taxes and expanding the sales tax to strike an elusive deal on a state budget are the right solution for Illinois. In fact, such legislation would move Illinois further in the wrong direction.

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    Behind the Headlines: The ‘Grand Bargain’ Budget Compromise

    To understand the real story anp we have look behind the headlines at the policy making news, and solutions that should be part of the conversation. We also look at what free-market advocates have to say and the facts that inform their views.

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    It’s Just A Game, State Workers

    It’s bad enough that, after decades of Mike Madigan’s leadership, the state can’t pay its bills. But now, his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, wants to take away the ability of state workers to pay their own bills…

    The truth is Mike Madigan is running this game and his daughter knows it. She also knows to wait quietly until she is called up to play. Well, last week it was her turn. And what was the play? Using the livelihood of state workers as political leverage.

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