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The Illinois Opportunity Project is taking the case for reform directly to voters and working with legislators to promote free-market solutions.

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    The illinois opportunity project seeks to promote the social good and common welfare by educating the public about public policy that is driven by the principles of liberty and free enterprise and to advocate for the advancement of such policy.

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    Chicago Young Republicans to Host IL Turnaround Panel

    Chicago Young Republicans will host radio talk show personality Dan Proft, along with experts from The Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Opportunity Project to discuss Illinois’ budget and how it will affect our families and communities.

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    Representative Ives to Host IL Turnaround Panel

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    IOP’s Dan Proft and Pat Hughes on Beyond the Beltway

    On June 7, IOP’s Pat Hughes joined a panel on national radio show, Beyond the Beltway, with Dan Proft filling in as host for Bruce Dumont.

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