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One year later: 2017 tax hike failed

It has been one full year since the General Assembly passed a budget that ended Illinois’ two-year impasse. The results are in: This policy was a complete failure.

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They Are Who We Thought They Were

Entrusted with near record levels of power, Gov. Pritzker and Speaker Madigan have used that power to hike taxes and allow corruption to flourish. It isn’t a new era, it is the same broken government on steroids.

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Endless Plans and No Results

If it wasn’t obvious before, Illinois Democrats have made it clear for you: they don’t care about high property taxes, they don’t care about corruption, and they don’t care about you. Your vote and most importantly your tax dollars are the means to their political power.

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Chicagoans Prefer Bankruptcy Over Higher Taxes As City Debt Piles Up

Illinois cities need an option that’s fair to taxpayers and provides long-term sustainability for local governments. Allowing municipalities and local units of government to restructure pension debt through bankruptcy would make pension obligations sustainable and affordable; it would also lead to more reasonable negotiating conditions between unions and government.

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The Illinois Opportunity Project Applauds New Jersey Judge’s Decision To Uphold First Amendment Rights

In order to have a flourishing democracy, we must encourage the free flow of ideas without putting private citizens at harm financially or physically who don’t want their information to be shared with the public.

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CTU Strike Reinforces Need For School Choice

If leaders are serious about reform and providing an adequate education for every student no matter their family’s income or zip code, then they must put their own political agendas aside and support programs like the tax credit scholarships and charter school expansions.

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