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One year later: 2017 tax hike failed

It has been one full year since the General Assembly passed a budget that ended Illinois’ two-year impasse. The results are in: This policy was a complete failure.

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Coalition Of Reformers Refuse Taxpayer Funded Pensions If Elected

We deserve independent legislators who will work to save our homes, not just sit by and collect a paycheck as families are being uprooted and seeing their most important investment destroyed.

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Taxpayers are on the hook for Tim Mapes’ six-figure pension

Not only are we supposed to accept the fact that our state government is overrun with sexual predators—we are also expected to fund their lavish retirement benefits.

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IOP Budget Vote Statement: ‘Go Along To Get Along’ Makes A Comeback

As a party, Illinois Republicans now head into the 2018 general election with very little to distinguish them from the state’s “tax-and-spend and borrow-and-spend and spend-and-spend-and-spend” Democrats.

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Tone-Deaf Proposal: Increase Illinois Property Taxes To Pay Pension Debt

Economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago suggested an annual 1 percent statewide property tax, on top of the property tax bills owners already pay. Under their plan, you’d be forced to pay thousands of dollars in additional property taxes to try and fill the state’s $130 billion pension shortfall over the next 30 years.

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Harvey: Canary In The Collapsing Illinois Coal Mine

The situation in Harvey is not unique and is an ominous case study for the path that the state and other communities are moving towards. Overall, nearly two-thirds of Illinois’ 651 pension funds got less than their required contribution from their cities in 2016.

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