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One year later: 2017 tax hike failed

It has been one full year since the General Assembly passed a budget that ended Illinois’ two-year impasse. The results are in: This policy was a complete failure.

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Pump The Brakes On The Gas Tax

Why is it Chicago Democrats’ first instinct to tax us more rather than eliminating wasteful spending and using existing funds more responsibly? Is it that they don’t respect us? Is it that they don’t care?

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Illinois Adopts AOC’s Green New Deal

There is nothing moderate nor realistic about the “Clean Energy Jobs Act.” It is just another government program that will hamper true innovation and stifle economic growth while sticking middle class families with the bill.

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Who’s Fighting For Your Home?

No matter your color, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or political party, we are all losing to this confiscatory property tax system. Once vibrant communities are vacant, and families are separated. High property taxes are unfair and immoral.

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Crickets On CPS Sex Abuse Scandal

The systemic failure at Chicago Public Schools to protect children is appalling. The political leaders in the city and state are offering no alternatives to families in Chicago who want to escape a predatory, failing school system.

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Putting Children First

Despite the odds stacked against students like Deonte Howard, Urban Prep Academy students have a 100% college acceptance rate.

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