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IOP Budget Vote Statement: ‘Go Along To Get Along’ Makes A Comeback

As a party, Illinois Republicans now head into the 2018 general election with very little to distinguish them from the state’s “tax-and-spend and borrow-and-spend and spend-and-spend-and-spend” Democrats.

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Illinois Opportunity Project Condemns Governor Rauner’s Decision To Force Taxpayers To Fund Abortions At Any Time, For Any Reason

No Conservative Reform Governor has ever done so much for the liberal agenda. The Illinois GOP needs to condemn the man and the bill with the tenacity and urgency with which they would oppose any other pro-choice, big government Democrat. We have been complicit for far too long.”

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Besler To Resume Role At Illinois Opportunity Project, Illinois Liberty PAC

After Securing the Governor’s Political Team, Matthew Besler Returns to Illinois Opportunity Project; IOP to Support State Republican Party “Where Interests Intersect”

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Statement: Besler Accepts Position of Chief Strategic Advisor, Citizens for Rauner, Inc.

We congratulate IOP President Matt Besler on his new position as Chief Strategic Advisor, Illinois GOP Operations. His strong leadership and strategic vision have been critical to the expansion of the liberty movement in Illinois.  

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Statement: Governor Announces IL Policy Executive As New Chief Of Staff

The Illinois Opportunity Project is greatly encouraged by Governor Rauner’s choice of Kristina Rasmussen as his Chief of Staff. With her at the helm, we are confident the Governor is returning to the revolutionist instinct that won him the governorship in 2014 and brought hope to the people of Illinois.

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IOP Statement on House Override Vote

We remain staunchly opposed to any measures that require more from Illinois families, yet ask nothing more of state government or state legislators. And we are more committed than ever to empowering citizens to hold state legislators accountable for their actions.

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